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Villa Sayer

In the 70's the owners built a house designed by the world famous Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. This avant Garde house was later inventoried as a historical monument of France, a very exclusive reward awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and Arts. Breuer's notable landmarks include the Whitney Museum in New York and the UNESCO in Paris. 

The Villa Sayer is open one day a year to the public, for enthusiastic architects to visit the exterior of this splendid house during the European Heritage Days from 14:00 to 17:30 for more information check the Journées du Patrimoine Website.

La Villa Sayer

For more information on the house you can purchase a book La villa Sayer: Marcel Breuer à Glanville by Christelle Lecoeur et Cyril Brulé. 

Villa Breuer
Villa Breuer

Completed in 1974 by Marcel Breuer, it is the only residential home constructed in France by a Bauhaus architect. 

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